Enticing outside. Exciting inside.

A street fighter with an acing 249cc single cylinder( EngineBS VI compliant ), fuel injected engine fine-tuned & optimized for the Indian conditions. Equipped with an advanced 4-row core oil cooler to keep the engine from heating up even in a maddening summer traffic. Supported by a 7-step adjustable monocross suspension for that extra riding comfort and dual channel ABS for superior control. All this packed in a compact streetfighter body that is not just designed to impress but express.

The design emphasizes both the senses of forward mass layout and downforce

249cc Air Cooled
4 Stroke Single-cylinder EngineBS VI compliant 249cc Air Cooled, SOHC, 4 Stroke Single-cylinder Engine + Trusted Fuel Injection Technology249cc Air Cooled
4 Stroke Single-cylinder Engine